Wednesday, August 30, 2006

f - y = i?

by this time next week i'll be in a place of my own. no more couch sitting. this is a great thing.


i was thinking recently how things distract us and how easily we give into them. i know i do.
it was clear to me that we sometimes want distractions, hanging out with my 10 yr old buddy, Bobby. he's definitely got lots of things (toys, games, costumes) that he can give his attention to when he's supposed to be doing other things like homework. its like a totally uncomfortalbe thing with him when he's got a simple task to do like math problems that seems to take precious time away from the stuff he actually wants to do.

so, he makes a big scene. he doesn't tell the truth. he scribbles. he scams. he tries to get out of finishing his work. he fights. he wins sometimes. he knows better. he gets punished for it. and he'll probably have to do the 4th grade over again.

so is the same with me, i think. minus the 4th grade thing.

i am bobby's 4,000 plastic toys.