Monday, August 28, 2006

older and... why's her.. um, thing showing?

saturday was my anniversary of being HERE. on the earth. being birthed.
i turned 23 years old. i enjoyed it all. it was a grand weekend.
thank you to all for my wishes and thoughts and just for being friendly.

i recieved a lovely phone call from some dear people miles and miles across the sea.
one's name is mette, the other leah. it was a nice little chat. they sang me a lovely rendention of "happy birthday". they made my weekend a cheerful one. it was nice hearing voices that i knew were so far away so close home. it made me miss things.

after that, i just had the laziest day ever. it was wonderful. just existing with other people. soaking them in, knowing them. try it sometime.


lindsay holler is playing wednesday night if you's around.