Friday, September 22, 2006

belated proof.


i'm updating this thing from my friend's computer so, my pictures and words are limited. these aren't even my pictures, but i was there. honestly. but...

remember that trip i took? with that band? to that country? well this is what i did most of the time i was there. when we played we looked something like this:

and remember that girl i met? well, when i wasn't playing i was hanging out with her. she looked something like this:

and this is what we did when we were together:

and when i wasn't with her, i was with my dear road-dogs, leah (the reason we all made it on this beautiful trip), david (who i have to thank for these pictures) and gerald (who made me smile at least 10 times a day). i shared a tiny hotel room with dave and gerald and fell in love. leah had her own room, in case you cared to know. we looked like this:

but most of the time, we played and made good music for danish citizens. this was that piano hall we recorded in:

and a random picture of me in copenhagen:

and that's all for now. i'll work on getting the internet for myself so i can post more 'proof', but this will have to do. and believe me, it was even more grand than i can show in pictures.

thanks again.