Thursday, November 09, 2006


this music/video is a great description of how my year has been... sort of spinning around me, like a merry-go-round. almost exactly. me doing my thing, dreaming of other things, being taken care of, being protected, exploring, being thankful and content (most days), just spinning...

i hope that makes sense.

this is joanna newsome, my pal. she's been good to me, via headphones and speakers. she's one of those 'rainy week' records i put on. i'd like to meet her.



also, i found a new favorite author/illustrator yesterday. i was looking for books for bobby and i came across "michael rosen's sad book". michael rosen is an author who lost his son a while back and mother sometime ago as well. he wrote about it. the guy who illustrated it is named quentin blake. i LOVE his artwork. he drawings are... great. in this book they're sad, yet it made me feel really good. it was a simple and innocent little kid's book on this man's sadness and how he copes with it, and what it means to him. i thought about my friend jimmy.

i suggest it if you've ever been sad at least once.