Saturday, April 14, 2007

i am in my underwear

on a saturday morning updating my blog B/C I CAN. i have my month-old telecaster strapped on my shoulders and i'm listening to broken social scene, B/C I CAN. i am greatful to be alive today, just because.

i want to everyone to know that i believe in love. i believe in you. i believe in him/her too. i think god's given us more than we realize sometimes; most of the time. not just thinks like saturdays and electric guitars and music, but... each other. we (the people) are the world's more untapped natural resource. how wild is that?

melanie is in texas helping hurricane (?) victims rebuild and rejuvinate things. she's been there since monday with a group of younger/older folks from delaware. from the sound of it, it seems that there are more hands than they can organize. not more help than they need, but more than they know what to do with. she's said the town is sort of "emotionally handicapped" or something like that. they are waiting for money (from the government), basically.

when i was a kid, my dad said, you are blessed to bless other people. that's always stuck with me. you are talented, healthy, fortunate (monotary, of sound mind, etc.) so that you can give to those who are obviously not. i hope that you don't read that with any condescending tones. i didn't mean it that way. this is already longer than i expected.

anyway, i don't think its a bad thing to believe in people. its like believing in art, like believing in music or anything creative. we are creative beings. we have been created by a creator. i believe that.

so, give.


in other worlds:

the 1st MORIMOTO tour was as sweet as any 6 day tour can be.

played some really cool spots
played with some really good bands
slept on studio apartment floors and futons
ran into some of my favorite musicans on the street
found that brooklyn is a great/hip place
drank beers and ate sloppy joe's at 2 in the afternoon
drove the van with twine
had a kind and heartwarming encounter with the mafia
spent easter day with my darling, mel in delaware
rocked entirely too much
sold some cds
making plans to do it all over again in june


give. give. give.