Friday, April 06, 2007

"In the Future..."

"...there will be no strangers." -MORIMOTO


so, this record is done and available to purchase from us. we just got the discs back in the mail last week and then packaged them ourselves. we are pleased. hear some of it HERE.

we are on the road as of today (friday). here are the places:

friday. washington, dc. grog & tankard.

saturday. brooklyn, ny. water stree lounge.

monday. manhattan, ny. otto's shrunken head.
wednesday. manhattan, ny. lit lounge.
thursday. (home). yo borrito.

yup. get at me.

oh yeah, i have a girlfriend now. that sort of happened last week too. it is a good thing. do you know this one?

if you see her, say hello. i'll tell you more about it later/sooner. if you want to know how i feel about her, watch michel gondry's "science of sleep"... it about sums it up.

enough of this. i have to sleep.