Monday, April 28, 2008

What's good?

Lots of things. The weather. The music. The people on Wednesday afternoons. Today. I'm off for most of the day. I'm taking it easy.

This has been one of the longest months ever. Partly because I've been running around all day everyday for most of it. The one reason I tell myself I do it is b/c I need to stay busy, make money, save it. I was mildly successful, but made some progress in the career department of my life.

I'm the new Music Co-ordinator at the Ansonborough House. Its a retirement community on Society St. downtown. Basically, I had this "idea" a few months ago to start up music programs for older folks. The Ansonborough House was one of the few that bought the idea, and so now I show up with some drums and shakers and have these little jams with retirees there. No money. Yet. Its very very rewarding.

I'm giving drum lessons. 3 students right now. A camp counselor, an attorney, and a massage therapist. Rad? I'm still looking for more students though. So let your friends know.

I'm in a play.

Hearts + Plugs is still alive. We're pushing it.

The love of my life will be moving to the same city and state next month. This is great news. This will be good for my health and heart and spirit and face (as I will be smiling and laughing more).

Morimoto is playing the Trusted Palate on Wednesday nights now. Its a fly new wine bar/rock venue on King St. next door to 52.5 Records. Check us out.

Keep an eye out for a super important multi-media performance by Morimoto and ARC next month at the end of Spoleto. Just think... LIFE-SIZED TETRIS BLOCKS. Seriously. May 27th: "How to Flood a Basement"

I'm still making things. Frames are my new project. Let me make you something. And then let me let you give me money for it.

This is new. Its called: <3s and its pronounced, "Hearts."

Emily takes great pictures for bands. And weddings. And parties. If you want a super-fly photographer for an event or project, maybe you should check her out. She's great.

That's all for now. Let's get some coffee. Take it easy. Thanks for wondering how I am.

Be good.