Monday, July 21, 2008

रदर/डांस पार्टी/Tour

I'm on tour with Run Dan Run. I'm in a public library in Burnsville, NC and for some reason Blogger (or either the settings on this computer) will only allow me to post the title for this blog in Turkish symbols. I think. It could be Koren type.

In English it says this: RDR/Dance Party/Tour

And we're in the middle of a week-long one. We're in Burnsville hanging out with Dan's grandma for a few days b/c its very peaceful and quiet up here. We're taking advantage of being away from cars and horns and city life by reflecting...

Ah. Its nice.

If you're around any of these spots and you'd like to see Run Dan Run as a futuristic, electronic, dance/bop-rock band, you should come out for an uplifting time. I'm not playing drums at all. There's this machine called the Roland 808, and it allows for programming of drum beats and loops. Do some research. Its dope. I'm also playing synth bass on a really little keyboard. It is as equally magnificant as the 808. Ash and Dan also play keyboards and guitars.

I drew the poster and my girlfriend, Mel, (watercolor) painted it.

See you soon.