Monday, February 07, 2011

So, here is some good news: I have the pleasure of playing bass in a new project lead by the playwright and singer Young Jean Lee.

Please, come out to The Stone on Friday night if you're free. If you're not free, recommend the show to a friend or two. If I had to pick a genre that the band fits best in, I would say it's a "90's pop rock theatre music" kind of a thing. You'll just have to come out sometime to make any sense of that description. 

We're playing as a part of a series that Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson are curating with John Zorn. I have no earthy idea what else will be going on there during this series, but I can only image incredibly fascinating things. Future performances with this band include a residency at Joe's Pub in April. We'd love to see you out at a show sometime.

Today, we rehearsed in an old bank vault on Wall Street. It was rad. Ask me more about that later.

Things may not be completely perfect right now, but they're also not completely bad. 
Thank you for staying in touch.

- N.J.

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