Friday, March 25, 2011

11:41 PM me: so, i just created the greatest snack of all time.
 Anne: oh snap
11:42 PM p-i-z-z-a?
 me: hot chamomile (caffeine free herbal tea)
  chips ahoy (real) chocolate chip cookies
  skippy (creamy) peanut butter
11:43 PM step one:
 Anne: oh
 me: spread the skippy on the chips ahoy.
  make a peanut butter sandwich cookie
  step 2:
11:44 PM Anne: dippage?
 me: using a spoon, dip the skippy chips ahoy! sammy cookie into the tea.
  step 3:
  eat it as one would the opposite of ice cream.
 Anne: YES
11:45 PM me: step 4: enjoy!