Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I hope that it is warm and safe wherever you are. It's not so warm here, but I feel very safe. It's about 45 degrees outside; about 70 inside. Mmm.

There have been many great things happening since coming to NYC.
Check back soon for a list of things I hate, but for now here are at least ten of my favorite things:

Last night, I was lucky to see a few good friends perform with the great Worldless Music Orchestra alongside Tyondai Braxton featuring selections from Central Market at Alice Tully Hall (Lincoln Center). It was phenomenal. Thank you, Nathan Koci. Thanks, Yuri Yamashita... Badasses. There were times when I was actually at the edge of my seat because of how captured I felt by the music. I could go on. Oh, and Bjork was there. I saw Bjork and David Longstreth? Hmm. NYC. Awesome.

I found an apartment where I am able to sleep and eat. I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. There are ample amounts of fried chicken restaurants and barber shops for all. :D I'm not so far from the Silent Barn, though.

All but one of my latest (blank-insides) greeting cards have sold at Meme Antenna in Williamsburg. Yip, yip! More to come soon.

Future Wife is on the way to crafting a very interesting and powerful stage show for our residency at Joe's Pub next month. The Young Jean Lee Theater Company is full of very kind people. Stay tuned.

I think that I'm discovering a few more meanings to the word "freelance artist"...

It seems like Receiver Time-Based Media Festival will be getting off to a great start. All of the components are in play. The sounds are realized. The media only needs time to be digested. We have built it, and they will come.

Way to go Liz Vaughn and Jarod Charzewski!!

Also, upon the premiere of the Mr. Jenkins EP, "Sleep", Mirror Universe Tapes will be at the silent disco installation with a limited edition of shiny red cassette tapes with a new EP called "Sleep" and I am happy for this. The album will be released digitally in a few weeks.

Way to go Mirror Universe!!

Silent Disco: Part 3 is set to be held at Culture Fix in the Lower East Side of Manhattan on March 28th.
This will be a free event! This will be the first time that I've tried to do this in NYC!

Supercore is awesome. The staff is great. The food hits the spot. My opening show there a couple of weeks ago went well and will be up until the 25th of March. There will be another 'pah-tee' for that. Do come out.

This hasn't even happened yet, but later tonight, I'll be heading to Glasslands in Williamsburg to check out Hooray For Earth. I'm ready to be rocked. You might be, too.*

- - - -

Anyway, many thanks to my super friends who've helped me to make it this far.
And thank you ___________ for helping us have a great start to 2011.

Let's keep going.

- - - -

- NJ