Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Out Of Town" (Concert Series, Pt. 1)

The following text is from an electronic message from Ted Pallas of HUNGRY SAVAGES [Live Media Group] in regards to the silent disco/headphone concert/improvisational electronic music performance with Doc Gregory and myself to be held on this Friday, the 17th of June. We hope that you can make it. This is the beginning of a very great dream machine among other things...


Hello -

I'm mass emailing the 8 of you to invite you out to come see Dok Gregory and Nick Jenkins perform an improvised set together at 571 Projects on Friday, June 17th at 7 PM.  This is the debut of my "Out of Town" concert series, which puts musicians who've never met  - one from NYC, one not - on a stage together here in town and then again next fall "Out of Town."  The idea is to use these shows to create firmer relationships between places - NYC has become an island in more than one sense recently, and this is the start of me trying to figure out how to break that down.

Hungry Savages and 571 Projects are proud to present
on FRIDAY, JUNE 17th at 7 PM

at 571 PROJECTS located at 551 WEST 21ST STREET unit 20A 
(through the door, up one flight, down the hall)
There is a $10 suggested donation, but it's a light suggestion.

For this particular show we'll presenting the program over headphones - you'll be handed a [cable] to plug your pair into.  So you need to bring headphones.

[The Performers]
Dok Gregory (his name links to a great radio show he did) makes music with synthesizers, some of which don't have keyboards.  I think maybe the best way to describe this is to imagine watching "Ghost," right, and you the audience are Demi, and the clay pot is "sound," and you're sitting there and you're confused and you feel alone and then Dok - you can't see him but you know he's there - Dok comes up and the two of you gently push and pull at the sound together, and you're feeling better, it's a beautiful moment, you're even kind of hot and bothered, and then it's over and you still fall asleep alone?  Seriously, Dok's ability to pull textures out of the aether stuns and amazes.

Nick Jenkins was sleeping on my couch for a few days when I first moved into my current apartment down in sunny Brooklyn Chinatown.  He knows my roommate from back in Charleston, and he's in town playing drums and bass in various projects (including Young Jean Lee/13P's HUGELY amazing You're Gonna Die this spring at Joe's Pub).  When he's not doing that he's being Mr. Jenkins, a man who makes electronic music for people who don't really spend that much time in nightclubs.  He's been presenting Silent Discos for the last couple months - this show is the first time he'll be doing such a thing cold.  He also likes to draw things, both for fun and profit.

[The Curators]
Hungry Savages is the name of a group of folk who make shows together.  We've worked with Broadway shows, top 40 pop acts, major national publications and all sorts of other Very. Impressive. Clients.  That's not special.  What is special is that we still all spend about 50% of our time producing our own work - bands and plays and books and installations and all sorts of things - which helps keep us fun to work with.  Want to make our website for us?  

571 Projects - The gallery features an exhibitions program showcasing selected highly talented emerging and mid-career artists working across all media, and aims to promote them to international contemporary art collectors and museums.71 Projects seeks to bridge the gap between dynamic emerging & mid-career artists and engaged collectors, both those beginning to collect and those looking for fresh talent. To support the work of significant artists, we provide a forum through tightly curated, solo exhibitions that showcase a single body of work.

Ted Pallas
Live Media Designer