Friday, June 03, 2011

History/Herstory Project: June 3rd, 2011
for Miranda July 


This chain of inter-webbing "surfing" events happened because of the following (mostly logical) cognitive reasoning:

I was recently listening to some music that my friend Justin (aka Glass Boy) sent me as the latest version of an electronic music project where we send tracks back and forth to one another and edit/add to them. It's nice. I was wondering where we could potentially market this kind of music and began searching for electronic music blogs and came up with "Indie Electro Yo". I gave up shortly after visiting the site. It's a bit humorous, I must say. Better luck tomorrow.

Bushwick Open Studios is hosting events around my neighborhood in Bushwick, NY. I wanted to look up the address and share it on facebook. I'll be playing a solo acoustic/electronic set at Boulevard Cafe on Saturday (5.4.11) around 830p. This event is free.

Neg-Fi is this totally epic electric guitar duo that my ska band V Ultra Lounge played a show with last night. The venue was "Party Expo", which is also in Bushwick. I wanted to share this video with my friend Jason Brogan. Facebook was available, so I shared it there. [ It is quite a harbor for digital media and informational exchange. ]

I came across a news article that The Cure just played a concert on Tuesday evening where they performed the first 3 albums. I was pretty stoked to find that they were still around and doing this. I was more impressed to learn that there were audience members who paid $3,000 for tickets for this concert. Now, that is dedication. Even though I can't say I would ever do that, I do still own "Disintegration" on cassette tape and it still gets heavy play. 

I was on SPIN magazine's website because Hooray For Earth's new album is currently streaming there. This band has my vote for one of Brooklyn's top 5 killer rock bands and the album is golden. [ Golden = Great! ] I highly recommend trying to get to one of their performances before their tickets begin to sell for $3,000. They're a great band but, don't take my word for it!

Oh. I learned that I forgot my dear friend Erin's birthday on last month. What a thing to forget! She lives a few states away and I think that's why it wasn't on my radar, but I think I could have done a better job at remembering. She has a beautiful voice and SINGS with an indie-rock band called Run Dan Run. I play drums with this band. We'll be releasing a new album in the Fall, hopefully.

I found the Facebook post for Miranda July's "History/Herstory" project. Shortly after, I learned how to take screen shots on my computer. This is super useful information for me. 

It seems that Wordpress is how a lot of people create and edit their websites this present day in age. The Future seems to have been done using some sort of Wordpress template.

NPR is my web browser's current home page. 

My love and admiration for The Specials led me to Wikipedia's definition of "Mod (Subculture)" of the 1950s and '60s. I think that I would've fit in really well in England in the late 1970s. The Specials are in heavy rotation in my iTunes/headphones this year. "Do you remember the good old days before the Ghost Town?" You can listen to this band as a pick-me-up for any occasion. 


This concludes my contribution to the "History/Herstory Project" 
(for Miranda July & Company). 

- N J