Monday, January 09, 2012

Music I Was Happily Fortunate To Enjoy Last Night At NYC Winter Jazzfest 2012
as played by:

Jason Ajemian & The Highlife
Sifter w/ Mary Halvorson, Matt Wilson, Kirk Knuffke
The Bernie Worrell Orchestra (w/ special guest: Gary Lucas)
Shahzad Ismaily, Ches Smith, Mat Maneri
Mostly Other People Do The Killing
Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle (feat. Casey Benjamin)

[ Pardon me for not linking. I trust that your mere curiosity will be enough for further exploration/research of the artists listed above. ]

I will say that Mary Halvorson and Ches Smith are both doing great things with their music right now.

I have no profound writings or descriptions of what I saw, other than simply to say that I loved all of it 
and that I love music. I am very grateful for the sounds I have heard in this lifetime, the soothing and the harsh; 
the painful and glee; the mystery and the math; the near and far; the bounce and the bore of it; the now and the not-yet; etc. 

This book is really blowing my mind right now:
Big Questions, by Anders Nilsen

Asphalt Orchestra is up to good things right now. Rehearsals for the Metropolitan Museum Of Art are underway. If you can, maybe you could at least seriously consider making a trip to the museum on the 20th of January. I foresee a grand time had by all. 

"And she weeps on my arm 
Walking to the bright lights in sorrow
Oh, drink a bit of wine 
We both might go tomorrow 

Oh, my love

And the rain is falling and I believe my time has come.
It reminds me of the pain I might leave behind 

Wade in the fire
Wade in the fire"

- Jeff Buckley's "Grace" (from Grace, 1994)

This album STILL remains one of my all time favorite albums... ever. 

Keep hope alive. Keep chasing the dream(s). Peace. 

- Mr. Jenkins