Monday, September 22, 2014

Dojo Nowhere: 
Extreme Makeover Project Proposal Idea, No. 1


"Fun With Defunct Fast Food Restaurant Spaces (Landscape Eyesores) in the US"

by Nicholas M. Jenkins
Fall 2014

- - - -

// 1: 
Buy the vacant Wendy's on the crosstown / Hwy 17 and convert it into a 24-hour internet cafe with daytime rehearsal and recording space(s). Have a featured section for artists to sell recordings, merchandise, zines, etc. Offer workshops.

// 2: Turn the parking lot and rooftop into a green space with an independent farmers' co-op and community garden. Maybe options of trades and barters for various shares and work. Offer additional workshops.

// 3:
Replace the tattered American flag with a handcrafted Rainbow flag. Offer handwritten apologetic haiku to the family of Dave Thomas.

// 4.
If successful, repeat this model to turn over vacant K-Mart lots and spaces around the city / country. Offer jobs.