Tuesday, September 09, 2014

In a flash of cool air and warm inquiries, a gang of Columbia kids welcomed me into a metal blizzard of noise and pleasantries. Thank you, o Conundrum / o Beet. What previous circumstances led to this uncertain chance of wonderful feelings and happen-ings? Jibberish and jive ensue, but only to further point to the face of gratefulness. Happy Fall to you and yours. Cheers to more romance, mystery, and adventure in 2014.

// In other words:
I recently spent five days in Columbia, SC last week/end and found myself incredibly inspired to be make-ing things. One of the things was a music video, featuring the very talented Stefanie Santana. I would like everyone I know to know that she made this sweet piece of musical pie. ::: stefaniemadethis.bandcamp.com

She even let me play drums on the album (after I promised a sample of my earlobe skin) and she sometimes includes me in her band of merry-making old men. She also basically made the aforementioned video shoot happen in under 30 minutes or so? Uncanny. She is also so fun and so smart. I could go on: and I will.

She introduced me to Roomdance, which is now one of my favorite acts of late. I played a solo set just before his at Conundrum Music Hall on Friday evening. I found myself wanting to party with my high school self and give him a hug and a beer. Wait. [Wha?] Feelings. Just earlier in the day, WUSC (The Columbia Beet) was kind enough to have me visit and play a few songs/talk about hashtagwhatever, really. I tried my best to plug my loves.*

The English to French translations in the video below were done with the generous assistance (more like guidance) of Becca Nicholson, who also makes very sweet music that you would be so pleased to hear. And you CAN. She is currently finishing up a new album. ::: beccaleigh.bandcamp.com

Speaking of albums, Ava Luna's Electric Balloon is so GOOD. They are SO GOOD live. You should find their music, buy it, share it, and buy it again. They are presently on the road with Celestial Shore featuring one of my favorite drummers: Max Almario. He's a gem of a gentleman and musician. I was fortunate enough to see both of them (two of my favorite Brooklyn bands!) on Sunday evening at a house show also known as "Shredquarters" which is near 'Five Points' if you should be visiting; looking for a place to boogie. And boy, did I boogie.

And all of this fun stuff might not have happened if someone named Lindsay Holler was never born. She was my friendly lift. She IS a friendly lift! She is also celebrating another year of life. Hooray for that.

Video? Oui. D'accord.

Ok. So, this video is basically a commercial (aren't all music videos) for a song I recorded a couple of years ago called "The Runaround" from an album called Emotional Statistics vs. Philosophical Algebra. If this title is kind of confusing, we could talk about it over coffee sometime. You can find it, listen to it, and purchase it by fishing through my Bandcamp, naturally. You could also contact me... personally. Cheers. 

Without further ado, a new video for you. Merci-beau-coup. :::