Monday, August 31, 2015

5 Questions for Felicia Douglass of Gemma

If you seek a new sense of magical musical aesthetics or fractures of style from another world. I would like to recommend Gemma. I learned about the new material from the Ava Luna intel-wave, as Felicia Douglass is also a contributing member and graphic designer for the project. Explore / expand / appreciate. 
Thanks to Felicia, once again, for the interview. :::

- - - -

1. What is the most inspiring thing in your world today?


2. How did you decide on the name: Gemma?

Erik and I just like the name. It's nice and bubbly.

3. If there were a dream brunch date of 5 of your favorite artists (alive / departed), who would you like to see there?

I hope it's a potluck/impromptu jam session! Janet Jackson, Arthur Russell, Maurice White, Beck, and Fiona Apple.

4. What could Gemma do if given the ability of unlimited space and time?

Create and inhabit the world's largest roller discotheque.

5. What’s the most romantic part of the Fall season in your current neighborhood?

Different shades of crunchy leaves. And this old italian pastry shop, Fortunato Brothers. It's been around since the 70's and they have cute custom napkins and doilies in blue and white. Delicious pastries on little plates with little forks...true romance!