Sunday, September 27, 2015


Pierce Alexander released some music a few months ago via Soundcloud / Bandcamp. 

I look forward to more as he has been working with a dear friend / collaborator 
of mine by the name of Josh Kaler (Nashville, TN : man of many talents, master of juggling arts). 

I was very happy to be considered to design the album art for his digital release, 

which you can sonically digest & enjoy here. :::

Thanks for the interview, Pierce!

- - - 

1. How excited are you to share your new music with the world? 

Generally, I try to write music for myself, what I would want to hear. I think you have to start there and focus only on that at first. It’s a great feeling when you end up with something that you do want to share with others. I’m definitely excited about putting my new music out there.       
2. How was your experience of working with the legend that is Josh Kaler 
(of: The Planetarium / Hello Telescope) for this new material? 

Working with Josh Kaler on this track was a blast and a major learning experience for me. Josh has worked with a huge variety of artists over the years, including his own band Slow Runner. Slow Runner is an influence of mine, so it was really cool for me to have one of the members of that band working with me in the studio. In addition, I felt like Josh understood my vision for the song and was able to help me bring it to life, even with a tight deadline in the recording studio. Overall, Josh and I were just able to communicate very well and bounce ideas off of each other, all the while having a good time and a few laughs. I hope to work with Josh on upcoming projects.              
3. If there were a movie genre that your music would work well in, what would it be?

I could see my music in something like a drama or a psychological thriller, maybe even a coming-of-age movie, depending on the setting. I try to create songs that are not one-dimensional and I think this kind of music would best fit into a film that has some complexity. I feel like my music kind of reflects the way I think about life- it’s not usually just a happy song or a sad song, but a combination of many things at once. That’s why I think the music could fit into a variety of movies with a similar vibe.  

4. What philosophical concepts are you thinking about these days, musically or otherwise?

Something I often think about is the philosophical question of whether or not all of the truly original music has already been written, or that everything else is just an imitation of something that came before it. Some people claim this is the case, and I have thought about this a great deal during the past year or so. My take on this is that music, like any other form of art, is not finite. We can’t have all the paintings or all of the stories, and I can’t see that it will ever happen. Unlike earlier times in history, we do have many influences to draw from today and those musicians definitely set the stage for the future in their various genres. However, I believe music evolves with the times and with the individual artist. There will always be something new. 
5. How has 2015 been for you so far?

During the first 4 months or so of 2015, I spent a whole lot of time flying solo just writing and recording new music at home for hours a day, every day. I also did quite a bit of reading, and listened to a ton of music in my downtime. I am one of those people who enjoys having long periods of productive time alone, so it was a good few months for me in that way. It was the first time ever that I was able to devote so much time daily to writing and composing. The product of that was maybe a dozen new songs, several of which may be on my upcoming EP. In June, I got to record the single with Josh in the studio, which was a major highlight of my year so far. This summer has been great for me in other ways too. I’ve had time to get out and see some incredible live shows around Charleston, including many of my favorite local bands. My best memory of this summer was seeing the Pixies for the first time. Hands-down the best concert I’ve ever seen.

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