Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This interview is so meta that I don’t know how to introduce it. 

_questions answered by:
Heimo Wasserschneider (Skylark Quartet Archives, Director: skylarkquartetarchives@gmail.com)

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1. Upon the genesis of this project, what moment was the "a–ha!" or "bright lightbulb" moment for the overall concept? 

Members of Skylark Quartet have been doing regular jazz gigs (restaurant, wedding, etc.) around Pawley's Island, South Carolina for decades. About two and half years ago, they realized that they have never played any jazz standard correctly. After some discussion, they decided to book some studio time in the event that they might play it right for once. "Skylark" (Mercer/Carmichael) was the first song they chose to record.

2. Were you given access to a time portal, through which Skylark could exist as real-life human actors in a sci-fi movie played by any casting of your imagination: who would play such roles?

池田若菜 as "Lulu Haedl-Austenmeiser" (flute), 拓宇波 as "Paul R. Statham" (lute), サム球 as "Margaret Haedl" (clavichord), and 服部玲治 as "Roland Spindler" (percussion). "Orlando Lewis" (recorder) and "Hayden Pennyfeather" (bass) are unconfirmed.

(Optional synopsis: "After recording Missa Tota Alauda (?, 2014)–an album of Renaissance musica ficta continuo–under the name Alauda Inlaudatus, Skylark Quartet members and unknown Japanese correspondents express interest in bringing this music to the Japanese stage. However, the band members are not able to sub out their regular gigs, so they begin the pre-planning stages of a Tribute Concert Tour of Japan.")

3. Who would you pick to direct a project like this?

Isao Okishima.

4. How would you describe MIDI to a four year old?

MIDI is a way to play in a band without humans.

5. Why the tune "Skylark"?

No reason. It could have been any jazz standard. 


Forthcoming album: 
Skylark Quartet – Lark City (?, 2014) 
It will be released on vinyl as the first of two releases (with Nakao Trio) by a yet-to-be-named Japanese label. I'll forward more information on the release as it becomes available.

Currently available: